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posted Jan 13, 2017, 5:21 AM by Brenda McGee   [ updated Jan 13, 2017, 5:21 AM ]

                                                                January 6, 2017

Dear GES Families,

           A copy of Gooseberry Park by Cynthia Rylant should have arrived at your home today. Each family at our school is receiving one copy of this book. This is part of our school wide One Book, One School Program.  Everyone (teachers, administrators, custodians, etc.) in the school will be reading this book at home during the next five weeks.  We are asking you to enjoy time and read Gooseberry Park to your children. This is a wonderful story about friendship.

 Below is a schedule of the chapters that we will be reading each week.  There will be weekly trivia questions from these chapters with prizes awarded at the end of each week.  At the end of the program, we will have an outdoor One School, One Book event sponsored by the PTA and Volunteer Steering Committee. There will be sledding, an obstacle course, food for sale, and winter crafts designed around this wonderful book on February 18th from 4-8PM.  Enjoy!

  Here is the schedule of chapters:

January 9-13

Chapters 1-3

Pages 1-22

January 16-20

Chapters 4-7

Pages 23-45

January 23-27

Chapters 8-10

Pages 46-71

January 30-Feb 3

Chapters 11-14

Pages 72-95

February 6-10

Chapters 15-19

Pages 96-133


 Chris Wallin, Reading Specialist

Here is a copy of all the trivia questions that learners are asked to answer.  Read the chapters with your child and then ask them the questions.  You can write the answers for them.  Entry forms will be handed out each Friday.  Our goal here is to encourage comprehension and understanding.  Turn answers in by Thursday each week, there will be weekly drawings on Friday for prizes.  Good Luck and have FUN!

Trivia Questions

Week 1 Chapters 1-3 (pages 1-22)

Chapter 1
Stumpy is going to have babies. On which side of Gooseberry Park is Stumpy's new home

Chapter 2
How did Professor Albert choose his puppy?

Chapter 3
Who did Professor Albert listen to on his Walkman while at Gooseberry Park? 


Week 2 Chapters 4-7 (pages 23-45)

Chapter 4
What does Murray say he is when Stumpy asks if he's nocturnal?

 Chapter 5
What kind of clock was on the mantel in Professor Albert's home?

 Chapter 6
What kind of food did Murray love bringing to Stumpy?

 Chapter 7
Professor Albert planted 3 young trees that he lost to an ice storm. What kind of trees were they?

Week 3 Chapter 8-10 (pages 46-71)

Chapter 8
What kind of bush is by Professor Albert's porch?

 Chapter 9
How long did it take Kona to crawl home from the Park with Murray and the babies on his back?

 Chapter 10
What kind of food did Kona toss down the basement to Murray before going outside to look for Stumpy?


Week 4 Chapter 11-14 (pages 72-95)


Chapter 11
Where did Murray hide so that he could watch Jeopardy?

Chapter 12
What is the name of the cat which strolled across an Oldsmobile?

Chapter 13
According to the mallard, what do all weasels live for?

Chapter 14
Who came up with the idea of finding Stumpy's watch?


Week 5 Chapters 15-19 (pages 96-133)

Chapter 15
Who stole a glowing watch from Stumpy?

Chapter 16
Name two of the four yellow things that were on Murray's list.


Chapter 17
Which of Professor Albert's technological wonders did Stumpy like best?

Chapter 18
Why did a family of starlings move from their South Side home?

Chapter 19
Which of Stumpy's children shared Stumpy's interests by collecting things? 

Happy Reading!

Danielle Bolduc