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Principal: Kindergarten:
Danielle Bolduc Mary Beth Godbout 
  Jill Coffey
Assistant Principal: Jennifer Nash-Boucher
Sean Walsh Michelle Stow
  Mary Wagner
Liz Fiore Unified Arts
  Roz Roy - Library
Grade 4: Kim Valpey - Art
Elizabeth Macaione Rachel Auger - Music
Rebecca Bedard  Katie Bryant - Computers
Chris Davol Preston Ingram - PE
Melanie Franks  
  Student Services:
Grade 3: Janet Bassett - Speech
Kate Horne Kate Genovese - ESOL
Ellen Peters Marybeth Murphy - Title 1
Danielle Vachon Jen Souza - Title 1
Carol Young  Julie Nelson - Case Manager
  Rebecca Watson - Title 1
Grade 2: Meghan Rothermel - Case Manager
Kerri Dunleavy Chris  Wallin - Reading
Kristie Katz  Allison Sullivan - Case Manager
Kendra Devivo Craig Carpenter - Case Manager
Rebecca Yerkes
Patti Madore
Jenn McGonagle
Grade 1:  
Cindi Jenkins  
Jennifer Anderson  
Gayle Sullivan