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Math Links

Math Links

Numbers & Operations
(Understand numbers, relationships among numbers, meanings of operations, estimating, place value, understanding fractions)

Rain Forest Math - (lessons/activites at k-6 grade levels)
Bead Numbers - (place value to 100's)
Comparing Numbers - (Greater than/Less than demo tool)
Virtual Manipulatives - (Interactive Multiplication Array)
I Know - (fractions game)
Number Recognition - (number recognition)
Math Games - (directory of games for very young students)
Tic Tac Toe Squares - (practice math facts)
Multiplication Games - (practice multiplication facts)

Math Man - (rounding numbers to the hundreds place)
Math Man - (rounding numbers to the thousands place)
Rounding Numbers Pirate Game - (rounding numbers)

Factor Feeder - (identifying factors)

Fraction Splat - (identifying fractions)
Fraction Fling - (identifying fractions)
Equivalent Fraction Bingo - (identifying equivalent fractions)
Number Eater - (identifying equivalent fractions)
Number Line Game - (ordering fractions)

(Understand measurable attributes of objects and the units, systems, and processes of measurement. Apply techniques, tools, and formulas to determine measurements.)
Virtual Manipulatives - (practice counting money)
Virtual Manipulatives - ( telling time activities)
Difference between two times - (difference between two times)
Virtual Clock - (virtual analog clock)
Reading a Ruler Game - (reading a ruler game)
Perimeter Explorer - (calculate perimeter and area applet)
Counting Coins - (find the sum of the coins)

(Understand patterns, relations, functions, represent and analyze math situations using algebraic symbols, analyze change.)
100's chart for teaching patterns - (100's chart for teaching patterns)

Analyze characteristics and properties of 2?? and 3-dimensional geometric shapes and develop mathematical arguments about geometric relationships. Transformations, symmetry, visualization, spatial reasoning, geometric modeling.)
Instant Tessellations - (instant tessellations tool 
Explore Shapes - (assortment of geometry tools) 
Matchin Shapes - (matching shapes for primary grades) 
Tangrams - ( tangrams) 
Symmetry - (symmetry) 
Symmetry - (more symmetry ) 
Matching - (shapes matching game) 
Geometry Bingo 
Chinese Tangrams 
Geometry Puzzle 
Measure Polygons‚ Angles 
Polygon Playground 
Taxi Cab Treasure Hunt

Data Analysis & Probability
(Collect, organize, and display data to answer questions, use statistical methods to analyze data, understand and apply basic concepts of probability.)
Rain Forest Math - (lessons/activites at k-6 grade levels) 
BBC Data Handling - (lessons on how to read charts and data) 
Bar Braph Maker - (awesome bar graph maker) 
Virtual spinner - (virtual spinner) 
Fish Tank 
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